How To Choose A Home Brew Starter Kit And Care For It

Brewing is a hobby that requires dedication and many people are passionate about it. However, you might get anxious by all the options available commercially as every brand promotes itself to be the best kit for you without really considering your needs. Through this guide, you will learn how to buy the best home brew supplies and also maintain them

Why choose a starter kit? These kits are affordable and this way one feels comfortable investing in them. It is a great way to indulge in a hobby. There are many kinds of home brew starter kits available in stores. Nonetheless, they can all be segmented into either of these three categories:

Home Brew Starter Kit

Home brew store kits for small batches

Compared to the other two home brew starter kits, this is a fairly new entry into the industry.

These kinds of starter kits are perfect for individuals who wish to make small batches at a time. There is no difference in the processes and methods. Everything is the same, except that the beverages are brewed on a much smaller scale with the best quality utensils and ingredients. This is beneficial for people who:

  • Are taking their first steps into home brewing.
  • Are not passionate drinkers.

Classic home brew kits for experienced home brewers

  • These home brewing supplies are meant for more experienced home brewers who have been brewing for months or years.
  • These kits may take up more space than you can afford. However, brewers can use them to brew up to 19 litres at once.

Departmental store kits

  • Brands such as Small Batch Brew Co., Mad Millie, Coopers, etc., are examples of departmental store kits.
  • These kits are widely available across most departmental stores in Australia.
  • The kit contains materials such as plastic bottles with caps, fermentation vessels and ingredients for you to brew your first drink. If you wish to experiment and create complex drinks with intense flavours, then you will have to purchase more ingredients separately.

Maintenance of the home brew starter kit

You just purchased your first home brew supplies Melbourne and brewed your favourite drink! That is fantastic. But, what happens after? Cleaning and sanitising the kit is extremely important to avoid bacteria growth that can not only make your drink toxic, but also make it taste awful (and definitely make you sick). Home brew kits can be maintained in two simple steps:

1. Cleaning

Cleaning the equipment is the first step. It removes the visible dirt that can promote the growth of bacteria and viruses. This step should be done before the sanitisation process to remove any minute solids and other alien material. We recommend cleaning the equipment as soon as you have bottled your beverages to remove any invisible sediments and bacteria. Follow these steps to clean the equipment thoroughly:

  • Use a cleaning solution in the equipment and stir it well.
  • Allow the equipment to soak in the solution for a few minutes. If any irrelevant material is stuck to the walls of the equipment, it will come loose.
  • If the fermenter is made of plastic or metal, then use a non-abrasive material to clean it.
  • If the fermenter is made of glass, then use an abrasive sponge instead.
  • You may also add other smaller equipment in the cleaning solution and let it soak.
  • After some time, wash everything thoroughly and leave them to dry.

2. Sanitising

Sanitisation is a process where chemicals are used to remove viruses and bacteria from the equipment. This process is carried out after the cleaning process. Follow these steps to sanitise your home brewing supplies Melbourne Soak the home brewing equipment in the sanitisation material once they are dry after the cleaning process.

  • Remember to coat all the areas to sanitise them properly.
  • Most home brewing equipment does not require a rinse, but if you feel like washing it, then you may.
  • Let everything dry.


This article is a guide on how you can choose the first home brew starter kit for yourself. However, you need to clean and sanitise the home brew kit once you finish brewing your desired beverage. This way, the next time you brew your beverage, it will be safe to drink and free of harmful bacteria.

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