5 Best Food X-Ray Machines to Enhance Your Business

Food X-Ray Machines is an essential parameter within the food manufacturing sector. It ensures that the food X-Ray machine produced by an organisation is free from any sort of contaminants safe to consume. Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the concern for food safety has surged even more. People now are more aware of their health show zero tolerance towards foods that can be harmful to their health. 

That is why the need for an efficient food inspection process is heightened to a larger extent. technological innovations, new and efficient have been introduced in the markets that deliver excellent contaminant detection and comply well with food safety standards. 

This blog will uncover the five best food XRay inspection machines of 2022 that are designed for highly efficient outcomes and adhere to the safest food inspection procedures. 

What are the Benefits of Food X Ray Inspection Machines?

Before we unveil the best Food X-Ray Machines of 2022, let us first glance at some of the benefits of using them down below:

  • Detection of broken products.
  • Maintaining uniformity in food products.
  • Identification of trapped air in cans and packaged food products. 
  • Counting the number of products in the chain line. 
  • High-speed automatic inspection of the food. 
  • Detection of metal contaminants in foods packaged in aluminium. 
  • Inspection of different food items in a single machine. 

Top 5 Food XRay Machines of 2022

Here is the list of five best food XRay inspection machines you need to know about to carry out efficient food inspection procedures:

  1. ProteX X-ray AD-4991-3530

This is one of the finest food X-Ray machines that is designed to detect contaminants like plastic, metal, bone, glass, etc., in packaged food materials. Apart from it, the machine can also identify misshaped products and missing components in the packages. This reduces the manual work effort and boosts high workflow efficiency. 

The food X-Ray Machine is designed with required food safety compliance and makes your food safe to eat for the consumer. It comes in a compact design that enables it to easily integrate with the existing equipment attached to your in-line product chain. It offers a large 15-inch colour touchscreen that makes it easier to view the X Rayed product at high resolution.  

Benefits Food X-Ray Machines

  • Increased consumer protection.
  • Higher quality assurance.
  • Easy to use guided user interface.
  • Easy to install.  
  1. Metal Detector 450/250 Aperture

Make your manufactured foods safer and more reliable with this highly efficient food metal detection X-Ray machine that can identify ferrous, non-ferrous, and other stainless steel contaminants in food products. This food X-Ray machine is highly sensitive and has an aperture size of 450 mm (W) x 250 mm (H) that can easily detect contaminants of size as small as 0.2 millimetres. 

The machine is designed using stainless steel and offers easy installation and maintenance. The machine complies with IP65 standards and ensures protection from dust and water. It comes with a 7-inch colour touch panel that makes it easier to view the food items and control the machine’s operations. 


  • It can store up to 1000 inspection results. 
  • The capacity of the machine can be enhanced using USB memory.
  • Simple and easy maintenance procedure. 
  • The machine offers automated monitoring.
  1. ProteX X-ray AD-4991-2515

This advanced food XRay machine is specifically designed to identify impurities such as bone, metal, glass, and plastic in food materials and manage the packaged food product quality. The machines offer high-end applications and are suitable for testing ready meals, meat, prepared foods, bakery items, vegetables, confectionery products, fruits, and more. 

The X-Ray inspection machine comes with a 15’’ colour touchscreen that helps ease the operations and provide users with clear and high-resolution images. The machine has an extensive memory to store up to 1000 products in batches of 10 groups. Apart from it, there are multiple other useful features in the machine that make it one of the best Food X-Ray Machines of 2022. 


  • The machine maintains product uniformity. 
  • It includes useful features such as mass estimation. 
  • Piece counting and positioning feature available. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain the machine.
  1. Metal Detector AD-4976 350/100 aperture

Manage and maintain the right quality of your food products with this advanced and modular designed food XRay machine. The machine is designed keeping in mind the requirement for industrial applications and can identify ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel contaminants. 

The machine offers to manage the speed of the food belt up to 10-50m/min. In addition, it provides three detection bands that are automatically selected by the machine at its start to provide you with a sensitive and stable inspection process. The X-Ray machine also has a visual interface to detect the levels of noise produced in the environment, which can be used for effective noise cancellation procedures. 

Benefits Food X-Ray Machines

  • IP66 protection from dust and water. 
  • Adjustable height of the sensor head.
  • Highly stable operations. 
  • The X Ray machine can be controlled through a PC via an ethernet cable. 
  1. ProteX X-Ray AD-4991-2510

Make food inspection procedures simple and effortless with this amazing ProteX food X-Ray machine designed with multiple advanced and pragmatic features. The machine works exceptionally well in detecting contaminants such as Teflon plastic, metals, PVC plastics, ceramic substances, bones, glass, and much more. 

The XRay machine is compact and offers an easy installation process. Apart from it, the machine belt can pass up to three products simultaneously and store up to 1000 products in its memory making it highly efficient. 

The X-ray inspection machine also includes data management tools in its software that help you view and export statistics, production reports, and inspection summaries via USB in real-time. Designed with multiple useful functions, this machine is undoubtedly one of the best XRay machines of its segment. 


  • Masking function is available in the machine. 
  • The sanitary design of the XRay machine makes it easier to clean. 
  • The machine comes with several safety sensors. 
  • It can identify misplaced products in the packaging.

The Final Verdict

A good and reliable food X-Ray machine can effectively increase your workflow efficiency and production capabilities. All the machines listed above offer extremely efficient working and are the best pick in their particular segment for 2022. You may get more information about these terrific machines from our A&D inspection store and get the required machine for yourself to make your food operations effortless and effective. Good Luck!